The New RO 90 DX Rotex Multi-Mode Sander

Warning: Viewing the following information may cause uncontrollable drooling.

The RO 90 DX is the newest addition to Festool's line of Rotex sanders. If you're already familiar with the advantages of Rotex sanders, you may just be curious what's so special about the new model. Below, you'll find some video of this incredible sander in action, features at a glance, photo gallery, specifications and more.

The one sander that conquers corners as easily as it sands open spaces.

Features at a glance.

Explore the many useful features of the RO 90 DX sander by moving your mouse over the feature dots below.

Multi-Mode Capability

Switch between aggressive mode for quick material removal, random orbital mode for finish sanding, delta mode for detail sanding and polishing mode with the twist of a wrist. Change from round pad to delta-shaped pad in seconds, no tools required. This multi-mode functionality is what makes the RO 90 DX the world's most versatile sander. Learn more about Multi-Mode sanding capabilities.

Amazing Dust Extraction

You've not truly experienced dust collection until you've used a Festool power tool coupled with a Festool CT dust extractor. Our dust extractors are designed to capture up to 99.997% of all dust particles down to 0.3 microns in size. Purchase your Rotex sander with a Festool CT dust extractor for instant savings. Learn more about dust extraction.

MMC Electronics

Rotex sanders incorporate Festool's Multiple Material Control (MMC) electronics. MMC Electronics deliver soft-start, step-less variable speed control, constant speed under load, and thermal and overload protection. Each of these functions are designed to provide you with optimal results and protect your power tool investment. Learn more about MMC Electronics.

Plug-It Cord

Plug-It Cord

While the concept is simple, the Festool Plug-It cord just makes work easier.The Plug-It cord attaches and detaches from the tool with a quick twist of the wrist. What's the big deal about a detachable power cord you ask? Well, instead of having a web of power cords all over the place, you can share a single cord between multiple tools.

Edge Protector

Edge Protector

The edge protector snaps onto the front of the sander quickly and easily, no tools required. It's designed to prevent incidental contact with adjoining surfaces. Have you ever dinged a piece of material trying to get into a corner? With the edge protector, you can get right against an adjoining surface with confidence.

Sealed Gears

Sealed Metal Gear Housing

This design blocks foreign particles from entering the gear housing. Materials like solid surface dust would normally compromise the integrity of other sanders, but not the Rotex. Also, the gears are made from metal rather than plastic which is commonly used in other sanders. Learn more about Festool durability.


Impeccable Ergonomics

Ergonomics are an important consideration in the design process for Festool power tools. Rotex sanders are developed operate with minimal noise levels, have virtually no vibration effects, and to be ambidextrous. Learn more about the ergonomic design.

Delta Mode

Round or Delta, You Decide

Switch between a round pad and delta-shaped pad in seconds, no tools required. Conquer corners just as easily as you work quick work of open spaces. In delta-mode, enjoy the power of an aggressive gear-driven sanding action. With an optional extended delta-shaped pad, you can reach between louvers and into other narrow spaces. Learn more about Multi-Mode sanding capabilities.

Switch from aggressive mode to random orbital mode with the flip of the wrist.

Watch the video below to see the power of the RO 90 DX sander's aggressive, gear-driven mode. It can be likened to the sanding action of a belt sander and removes thick coats of paint and other materials quickly and easily. A quick turn of the mode selection dial puts the sander into its random orbital mode, perfect for finish sanding.

Switch between a round pad and delta pad in seconds.

What good is having a sander that transforms from a round pad to a delta-shaped pad if it's a pain to do? Well, with the RO 90 DX, you can swap between these two modes in a matter of seconds without the use of any tools. Switch the sander to Delta mode with it's mode selection dial. Give the round pad a twist to remove it. Then twist the delta-shaped pad on. That fast and you're ready to conquer some corners!

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